Spark 5G Race Zone is a free 60-minute experience, showcasing how Spark 5G and Emirates Team New Zealand work together to put the team at the leading edge of technology and sailing.

Explore seven immersive zones to see how the team have used Spark 5G to train, practice, refine and develop Te Aihe, the first AC75 sailboat in the world. Discover how everything from weather conditions to engineering refinements come together to create a cutting-edge racing team. You can pose for a photo to show your support as the team prepare for the 36th America’s Cup.

Wind Tunnel
Te Anaroa Hau

Step into a slice of today’s wind visualised like you’ve never seen before. 5G will open up all new ways to collect and visualise essential data. Emirates Team New Zealand study masses of NIWA data from across the region to understand the differing windstates and use nature to their advantage.

Live forecast data provided by NIWA

Course Selection
Te Kōwhiri Ara

Knowing every part of the Waitematā gives Emirates Team New Zealand an edge. This super high-res weather model visualises today’s data. By analysing NIWA weather and tide data they can predict the course and set the boat up to make the most of the conditions. 5G has the potential to deliver real time data like this to you.

Live forecast data provided by NIWA

Te Aihe

Get onboard an immersive insider experience as Te Aihe takes flight during a development day. Join the crew as they test the limits, collecting data with Spark 5G, looking for more ways to make the boat go faster.

In partnership with Emirates Team New Zealand

Warning: this film contains flashing lights which may not be suitable for photosensitive epilepsy. Children 14 years and under must be accompanied by a parent or guardian VR (Virtual Reality) can cause nausea. If you suffer from motion sickness or any medical conditions please have a chat to our team before taking part.

AC75 Simulator
Te AC75 Whakataruna

Take the helm of the high tech secret weapon that allows Emirates Team New Zealand to make real-time decisions using Spark 5G, pushing the boat design to its limit. Test your skills at the helm or take charge of the foils as you fly across the Waitematā.

In partnership with Emirates Team New Zealand

5G Portal
He Whakakitenga 5G

Connect to multiple data streams and experience the speed of 5G. You can explore the 5G Feed to see what's trending in the America's Cup world, or pose for a photo and become part of the Emirates Team New Zealand support team.

In partnership with Huawei

Meet the Team
Tūtakina te Kapa

Meet the team behind the scenes, get to know the crew and use Spark 5G to snap your own interactive augmented reality (AR) photo with the crew or the America’s Cup.

In partnership with Emirates Team New Zealand

Boat Builder
Te Waihanga Waka

Play with the future of gaming and create your own high performance AC75. Then put it to the test in a 5G streamed gaming experience.

Brought to you by Huawei.